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  • We are a purpose driven solution provider, committed to achieving sustainable growth in global health and economic development.

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  • Providing a comprehensive suite of humanitarian aid, management consultancy and preventive health care services to educate African women and help them participate in the economy.

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We do not believe in a “Me” or a “You”, we believe in a “We”

Alliance for Sustainable Development is a woman owned small business committed to serving the underprivileged communities in Africa. Our goal is to help individuals arm themselves with the knowledge and quality health services to live a successful life. ASD strives to forge alliances with government, private sectors, civil society, foundations, non-profit organizations, hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories and individuals to offer preventive medicine to underserved populations; project management and program improvement consultancy services to businesses operating in Africa.

Everybody Wins

Our services are aimed towards achieving sustainable development in global health and excellence in strategic management and program implementation.

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Global Health

Preventive Care

Millions of Africans suffer from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions that could have been avoided. Our goal at Alliance for Sustainable Development is to assist communities in arming themselves with both education and high-quality medical treatment, even while they are healthy, in order to prevent these ailments from arising.

Millions of people in Africa die every year from illnesses that could have been prevented. Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, malaria, HIV, hepatitis and cervical cancer can be “silent killers”. Often, patients arrive at the hospital when it is too late to intervene. ASD’s goal is to provide free preventive health care services to eligible underserved populations and to arm communities with knowledge that would prevent these illnesses from developing.


ASD’s innovative “Health Birthday Gift” is a minimum package of preventive health screening and testing offered once a year free of charge to underserved populations by ASD’s generous global health partners.


We want to foster a change in behavior that will result in better long term health outcomes that will be achieved when communities are able to take charge of their own health and get ahead of diseases that can be prevented. This will reduce costs, ease the burden on fragile health systems while supplying a healthy and active work force for a sustainable development: Everybody Wins!

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