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Improved and Reliable Preventive Healthcare for Rural and Remote Areas

Healthcare facilities in any country define how much concern they have for human life. And what measures has the government taken to act upon its responsibility. In many countries, the health facilities in big cities and towns are always good, while in rural areas, a lack in support is usually observed.

Healthcare services in rural and remote areas of any country must be the priority. The average income of the people in these areas is considerably low as compared to those in big and developed cities. In some cases, even in rural areas located just around the vicinity of a big city, the supply of medicine, for example, can be disrupted due to various factors. It can be bad weather or a remote region like a desert or mountainous region.

The problem mentioned above can be faced by even developed nations as a remote region where there is no proper airport, medical supplies ca be disrupted during rains or earthquakes. New and modern technologies are now making it easier for most countries.

Use of Drones to Supply Medicines and other Goods

The use of drones is making it easy for hospitals and medical companies to supply equipment needed for preventive health care services. Preventive health care is required so that the outbreak of some diseases can be prevented. Think of a drone supplying essential services to a mountainous region where otherwise no such supplies are possible.

Some of my readers may argue that drone technology may not be consistent in every country and it may be expensive too. This may be true if it was 2012 but now it’s 2022 and there is every reason to be optimistic about it. New technology is making it easier for drones to carry big loads, as courier companies and food delivery companies are also using drones effectively.

Use of drones by Hospitals and Laboratories

Hospitals have begun using drones to reliably supply laboratory samples. In remote African regions, now makeshift laboratories are able to use HIV testing for people regularly which was not possible earlier. With drones able to pinpoint location based on GPS, the landing can be smooth even on a few feet of smooth surface in a mountainous range too. And that is why everyone in the region can test their blood and their samples can reach the laboratory within a few hours, which is otherwise not possible even on the same day.

Preventing diseases in remote regions is significant. Because the outbreak of a disease may be very difficult to stop and expensive too. That is why preventive care, also known as routine care, is necessary to keep a check on all such things. As we say prevention is better than cure, there is always the risk of a disease getting out of hand. Thus, prevention can secure hundreds or thousands of lives as an outbreak of a new disease, just like COVID-19, can claim many lives before it can be contained.

Final Word

Prevention health care needs to be ramped up for several reasons and some of which I have mentioned in this blog. In the future, healthcare facilities will definitely improve as new technologies will make it easier to combat new threats to healthcare.

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